Welcome! We are Buffalo, NY's oldest and largest independently owned record store! With two locations, and over 30,000 square feet of new and previously owned CDs, DVDs, and VINYL LPs, we have something for everyone.

Main & Lafayatte
1800 Main Street, Buffalo NY
(716) 883-1355
University Plaza
3500 Main Street, Amherst NY
(716) 837-2090
We Pay Cash For Your CDs, DVDs and LPs!

Condition Matters.
Because we offer 100% guarantees on our used inventory, we must inspect the condition of any CD, DVD or LP trade. We cannot accept items with destroyed or missing artwork, or anything with visible surface scratches, regardless if they may "play fine." CD and DVD players are all different, and some may be more sensitive to surface marks than others.

Some CDs, DVDs and LPs are very common and get traded in on a daily basis. Since these titles aren't rare and sought after, they may be worth less than something that isn't as common.

You can bring in your stash at any time! There is always an expert here who can look at your items.

Collection too big to haul into the store? No problem! Call ROSE at 883-2555 and we can send someone out to your house!

Record Theatre reserves the right to buy only those items that are deemed acceptable for resale. Please note: We cannot quote you a price until the item is in our hands. Typically payment starts at .25/piece and goes up from there, depending on the condition and rarity of the piece. Please call us if you have any questions. 716-837-2090 or 716-883-1355.

> > See the FAQ regarding our Buyback Policy here.

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